flatbed Scanning

flatbed scanning

At Fleetwood in Knoxville, TN, flatbed scans are designed for all your more aged & delicate photos that cannot be put through our Shoebox scanner. We carefully scan your images and can print duplicate copies or archive them to a CD or Jump Drive.


Images scanned in our flatbed
  • Images that are smaller than 2.5" x 3.5" (wallet size)

  • Images with rips, tears or folded edges

  • Images with decorative edges or odd shapes (cut outs, circles, etc.)

  • Images that are too thick or stuck to glass or other photos

  • Newspaper articles & old documents

  • Images that are sticky or have tape on the front or back

large or oversized Images

Our flatbed scanner can scan images up to 12" x 17", if your image exceeds this size, they will need to be stitched together for an additional fee. 

Copyrighted images

Copyrighted images must have a copyright release form from the photographer or artist or they will not be scanned. You can call or email the photographer and have them send you the release for your photo. If you have tried everything to locate the photographer or artist and they are still unable to be reached, a form is available for you to sign stating that you have completed all of the requested steps.

1 - 9

$7.50 ea

10 - 19

$5.50 ea

20 - 49

$3.25 ea

50 - 100

$2.50 ea

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