With so many people carrying digital cameras and smartphones with high-quality cameras built in, it’s easy to quickly generate an enormous amount of images. When you have a lot of images taken at special events, you’ll need to come up with a good way to organize and present them. Instead of handing out stacks of photos and asking your friends and family to shuffle through them one at a time or directing them to a website to view a digital slide show, you can create beautiful photo books that will stand the test of time.


Turn all those digital photos into treasured hardbound books. Capture special events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, or create a travel log from your latest adventure. Have your child’s artwork scanned and converted into a coffee table book. The possibilities are endless!

Choose from Fleetwood Photo & Digital's huge selection of sizes, covers, quality papers, stylish layouts, and customizable finishes. Using our convenient kiosks, you can create your own Photobook or we can help you design your book.

Click the link above to be connected to our Online Design Center where you can customize and order your BASIC photobooks.

Come in and use one of our convenient self service kiosks where we can aid you in designing your custom photo books. Or just bring in your photos and leave the whole process up to us!

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