16mm Movie Film Transfer Services


35  cents per foot for silent 16mm

42 cents per foot for sound16mm

Approximately 2,700 to 4,300 feet will fit on a disc, depending upon the type of film and the speed at which it was shot. That is 54 to 86 50 foot reels, 13 to 21 200 foot reels, or 6 to 10 400 foot reels.


Blu-ray $59.95 Per Disc from HD capture.

DVD $29.95 Per Disc Film is downsized to standard definition.

Copies of Discs


Make copies of your discs to share with family and friends. 

Blu-ray $24.95 Per Copy

DVD $ 9.95 Per Copy


Standard discs are made with a default menu and chapters set at five minute intervals.

Authored discs are available with custom menus, chapters set per reel or group of reels, and reels are addressable from menu (can go to specific, named reel from chapter menu of disc).
Authoring $25.00 Per Disc

Free, instrumental background music is added by default to silent films (except ballgames). Music is designed not to take away from the action, but to enhance viewing experience. The overwhelming majority of people have loved it. Silent is also an option.

Adding your own music is also possible for $10 Per Hour.


File Only Output

File only output is available from the transferred movie film. This is for those who want to do their own editing and/or disc assembly. Both SD & HD files are available; HD files will be provided unless otherwise specified. You provide either a new, unopened jump drive, or a new, unopened hard drive.

AVI File Output to Jump Drive $ 99.00
AVI File Output to Hard Drive $125.00



16MM Silent Movie Film Transfer















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“Vinegar syndrome” (more properly known as acetate film base degradation) describes a chemical reaction that deteriorates motion picture film over time.  The film base is made of cellulose triacetate plastic.  When this plastic base decomposes, de-acetylation occurs.  The acetate ions react with moisture to form acetic acid.  This produces the pungent vinegar odor.

This chemical reaction is continuous, and once started, cannot be stopped or reversed.  Worse, the reaction is also autocatalytic, meaning it feeds on itself and speeds up over time.  Film degraded by advanced vinegar syndrome suffers from shrinkage, embrittlement, and warping, and cannot be transferred.


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